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The Best Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) Stack

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It was once believed that after our nervous system developed, we had a set amount of nerve cells that declined with age. It was recently discovered that our bodies are actually able to generate new nerve cells, including brain cells; throughout our adult lives and this is called Adult Neuro Genesis.

In 1979, Nobel Prize winner Rita Levi-Montalcini discovered Nerve Growth Factor, or NGF, a special protein that is important for the survival, maintenance, and even growth of nerve cells, including brain cells.

By maximizing the amount of NGF in our body, we are setting the stage for our body to optimize our neural network, creating stronger and more abundant synaptic connections which would result in authentic long-term improvements for brain functions including cognition and memory.
This means real improvements in our brain’s physiology that will have lasting lifetime benefits.

The NGF Stack
The NGF Stack is a nootropic stack specifically designed for promoting NGF production which could result in long-term enhancement of the brain.

You should expect some instant cognitive enhancement from this NGF nootropic stack but real lasting effects will come once your brain has had the chance to create stronger neural connections. Expect great long-term benefits from this stack.

NGF with Hemp Cannaboids promote neurogenesis:
it is very effective but it is expensive and hard to find. We at Sunshine Global Health are fortunate to have access to the beneficial supplement.

We are recommending Health Recovery programs that combine the Nerve Growth Factor found in NooTropic Racetams and the Terpenes found in premium Hemp Cannabinoid Extracts. This combination is producing faster and more effective stabilization and recovery times in many of our customers suffering from a wide range of maladies that include all of the four major therapeutic areas, anti-inflammation, immune modification, anti-tumor and neuro-endocrine modulation.  Some of our products are listed below:

The COLUTAM is one of the most complete supplement stacks to help promote Nerve Growth Factor production with the intention of creating stronger and more abundant neural connections.

The COLUTAM Stack - Extra Strength Cognitive Enhancement NooTropics

  • Uridine
    Uridine, combined with Omega 3s from fish oil, helps protect neuron cell membranes.
  • Fish Oil
    Synchronizes with Uridine. Utilized by the majority of the brain in numerous functions.
  • Zinc
    Regulates synaptic function between neurons.
  • Alpha GPC
    Ensures sufficient levels of choline in the brain which is then converted to the acetylcholine neurotransmitter.
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom
    Increases NGF production.
  • Ashitaba
    Increases NGF production.
  • Pregnenolone
    Increases NGF neurogenesis.
  • Melatonin
    Reduces neuronal death.
    Reduces brain cell death.
  •  L-Tyrosine
    Synchronizes well with ALCAR.

All NooTropics come in a bottle of 30 count capsules. Take one each morning.

We have found that when you combine CAVINOL®, HEMP Cannabinoids Blends and NooTropic Stacks it increases the time and effectiveness of each stack (blend) to help your particular needs.

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